Tell Colorado Politicians:
No Blank Checks

No Blank Checks for Colorado
Some Colorado state politicians are trying to write themselves a $300 million blank check in the last days of the legislative session.

While claiming to spend the money on things we all care about – like health care and education – the measure contains no guarantees the money will end up where it is supposed to go.

It’s just a blank check. And worse, they’re sending voters an initiative that’s nearly identical to one that Colorado voters soundly defeated just a few years ago.

Please ask your state legislator not to vote for a measure that is another irresponsible blank check.

Tell your legislators: No Blank Checks for Colorado

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HB 1333 is another blank check for Colorado politicians.

Taxpayers foot the bill, and the Legislature will spend the money as they please later.


Politicians are offering to fund a vague set of programs with a scheme that lets them spend the money on whatever they want. As a statutory initiative, there are absolutely no requirements that they spend even one dollar on the programs they promise to create.


Some of these same politicians promised to fund education with marijuana tax revenue that has left us all questioning where that money went. With HB 1333, there’s no requirement this new money goes to any of the programs they describe.


Even worse, they’re promising to create new programs and more special interest spending funded by a declining revenue source… creating big unfunded liabilities that could require cuts in existing services or even higher taxes on all Colorado taxpayers.

…This is irresponsible policy and bad for Colorado.